Salt Monitor for Water Softener Salt Levels

As a homeowner, there are many tasks in the day-to-day of your life. With the world throwing things at you left and right--between work and family, adding salt to the water treatment system is often the last thing on your list. Failing to maintain the system properly, however, does have its unfortunate drawbacks. The dissolved water and hard minerals can pass through the system untreated, shortening the lifespan of your system and leaving a funky taste or smell to the water.


There isn’t a hard and fast schedule to adhere to when adding salts to the treatment system, so you might find yourself at a loss as to how to remember and keep up with it. Well, we have a solution brought to you by a simple innovation on the classic system--a salt monitor! 


Our patented salt monitor is attached to the system by one of our trained specialists, where it will keep an eye on the salt levels for you, and allow you a visual gauge as to how often salt needs to be added to the system. You can even connect your new salt monitor to the optional ‘Wripli’ wi-fi feature, and the monitor will automatically send you an alert, straight to your smartphone! 


With some help from our convenient salt monitor, you can stop worrying about keeping up with your salt levels and use that precious time on something more worthwhile. Reach out for more information, today!

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